Faith Marker Journey: A Sacred Scapbooking Journey to Guide you into a Deeper Relationship with Christ is a journey of remembering, recollecting and recording the many blessings of God in your life.

This book will help you remember God's involvement in your life in the past, become more aware of His moving in the present and help you share your faith to influence those around you in the future.

In this interactive book you will look at how God has changed you, how he has revealed himself to you and how he has planted and grown your faith.

God has instructed us to remember what he has done in our lives, so join us on this Faith Marker Journey!

Faith Marker Journey: First Step is a short guided journal designed to help you take the first step in remembering and recording your God adventures. Filled with thought provoking questions, this journal is the perfect way to begin tracking all the miracles in your life.

This first step will bless you with both an increased ease with sharing your faith experiences and a deepening relationship with Jesus Christ.


If I Only Had... Wrapping yourself in God's Truth during Storms of Insecurity.

This book, co-authored by Lisa Burkhardt Worley and Catherine Weiskopf, is a book for women who've searched for security in looks, friends, family, money, and men, and have come up empty-handed. If I Only Had…is an answer-focused guide for women on their security journey. It is loaded with the author’s personal stories, “scarves of truth,” Biblical characters who have struggled with the same insecurity issues, and personal testimonies from current day Christians women whom God has provided victory over insecurity. Every chapter in the book is named for the false beliefs women have concerning what would make them feel secure, for example: If I only had…a normal family; If I only had…beauty; If I only had… more money. If I Only had is an excellent resource for a Bible study on insecurity. 

Pearls of Promise: A devotional designed to reassure you of God's love.

God makes a pearl out of every trial or struggle in our lives just as pearls are formed by irritations and distress inside an oyster shell. This book is filled with devotions about victories over trials and is designed to help women find freedom in Christ. The devotional consists of twelve "pearls" which include Pearls of Encouragement, Faith, Comfort, Praise, Prayer, Love, Joy, Peace, Forgiveness, Trust, Truth and Wisdom. Enjoy these 120 devotions that speak directly to your struggles. This book was edited by Catherine Weiskopf, Lisa Burkhardt Worley and Lisa Mick.


Let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts . . .
Colossians 3:15

Copyright Author Catherine Weiskopf. All rights reserved.

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2015 Finalist in “Religious Non-fiction” category of Next Generation Indie Book Awards.

2014 Christian Literary Award for Best Motivational Book.

2012 Best of Conference Award North Texas Christian Writer's Conference.

2nd Place Deep River Books.