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Adventures in Mathopolis: Fractions and Decimals

Join Silver Splitter and Dixie Dot as they test their superhero skills. Watch as they stop a bank robbery, find kids lost in a jungle, and search for the missing bank vault keys. This cartoon-illustrated book makes fractions and decimals fun.

Adventures in Mathopolis: Estimating and Measuring

Meet Elexus Estimator, Maverick Measurer, and Mongrel the dog; join them as they battle Acer Eraser as he tries to bring chaos to Mathopolis. Measuring and estimating become an exercise in fun when kids open this humorous, cartoon-illustrated math book. This book from Barron's teaches 3rd through 5th graders how to measure and estimate using Math Superheroes and Villains.

Lemon & Ice & Everything Nice

This book is math fiction at its best. Math fiction means that the characters use math skills to solve a problem. In this story, Chelle and Ming are selling lemonade, but no one is buying. Perhaps it’s because it’s as expensive as gold? But they have to make $5.00, and what could be easier than selling one glass of lemonade. Maybe they ought to try selling 5 glasses for $1.00 each, or 10 glasses for $.50. Find out how Chelle and Ming reach their money-making goal with a little ingenuity and a lot of sales.

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A Companion Resource for Grade 2 Mathematics.

Crazy Fun Math!

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