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God is always involved in our lives. The problem is we often don’t notice, remember, and repeat these stories. We are dedicated to developing books and other products that will help you mark your faith because marking your faith has many advantages:

  • Remembering our God stories reinforces our faith and love.
  • Recollecting our faith stories make us more aware of God moving in our lives.
  • Reminiscing about our stories shapes the faith of our children and future generations.
  • Telling our stories gives others hope.
  • Revealing our stories introduces people to our real personal God.

Begin this process with free Faith Marker Book Marks (available below to print at home). If you find those helpful consider ordering Faith Marker Journey. It is available in print or Kindle version at

This Faith Marker Bookmark is perfect to keep in books or hanging from your rear view mirror. Keep it close to jot down all God does in your life.

Prints 4 at a time on 8.5 x 11 card stock.

Faith marker bookmarkers4.pdf

About the Authors

Catherine Weiskopf is the author of three books for children and the award winning If I Only Had . . .Wrapping Yourself in God’s Truth During Storms of Insecurity. She also edited the Pearls of Promise Devotional. Cathy loves hearing stories of how God has intervened in people’s lives and has a passion for helping them pass on those encouraging, life-changing, God adventures.

Lisa Mick edited the Pearls of Promise Devotional and is a sought after Bible study leader and Stephen’s Minister. She has a passion for women in pain and desperately wants women to experience the healing that is available through a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Healing God's Wayis a devotion I wrote for another sight with more detail about this experience of adopting and God helping me with my panic attacks.

God Enters Your Story

Have you missed God working miracles in your life because he hasn't done what you expected? I suffered from both depression and anxiety issues for many years. In both cases I expected and desperately wanted someone to “slay me in the spirit.” I imagined a minister putting his hand on my forehead, me collapsing on the ground, and all my panic would be gone. But God didn’t heal me in the quick way I wanted. Were my prayers going unanswered? Didn’t God care enough about me to prevent my daily descent into what I often describes as hell?

Here is one story of how God helped me, a person afraid of leaving my house, to travel half way around the world to adopt. It was not in the way I prayed for but God always has better plans.